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New Implanted Teeth. Fitted In One Day!

Failing Teeth, Loose Dentures, Not Enough Bone For Implants?

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Loose Dentures or Failing Teeth?

Are you self-conscious about your smile?

Do you suffer from loose dentures & fear the worst?

Do you want to eat your favourite foods again?

Are your teeth decayed, loose and failing?

Do you want to smile confidently again?

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If you wear partial dentures our dentist colleagues will need to examine your existing teeth and gums first.


Watch Our Same Day Teeth Stories



A lifetime of dental neglect had left Linda afraid and ashamed! Thankfully, Same Day Teeth changed everything for her.


Shaun, lost all his confidence, hiding from social events and feeling much older than his years. After Same Day Teeth he got his life, confidence and smile back.



Michelle’s dentures made it impossible to enjoy eating out with friends…so she took control of her life with Same Day Teeth.


Same Day Teeth

What a difference a day makes

Same Day Teeth means what it says. It’s a revolutionary technique that means we can provide a new arch of teeth – fixed in place using dental implants – in just one day.

Loose dentures, soft foods and hiding your smile will be a thing of the past when you regain your confidence with a solid set of beautiful teeth.


The Same Day Teeth Process


3D Digital Planning

After taking 3D scans of your face, jaw and soft tissues, the surgery is planned to precision, every implant placement, the angle, depth, the position and torque applied is noted. The teeth are individually crafted, positioned and made to look realistic and natural.


Implant placement

The implants are placed into the jaw as per the 3D digital plan, this is usually carried out under sedation.


Fitting new teeth & adjustments

Your newly hand-crafted teeth are fitted to the implants, final tweaks and adjustments are made to them to ensure that they fit perfectly and function as a set of natural teeth. We test how the teeth move and bite together repeatedly until its perfect.


New confidence, life & food choices

You walk out of the clinic taking your true personality and new found confidence with you. Many of our patients comment on how this treatment has transformed their happiness and outlook on life.

Same Day Teeth Benefits

After treatment, our patients report numerous life-changing benefits.

Make your dentures look, feel and function like your own natural teeth

Restore your natural speech and taste (no false palate)

Stimulate tissue in the jawbone to maintain facial structure to keep you looking younger

Remove the need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth for fitting partial dentures

Eliminate the discomfort and pain of ill-fitting dentures

No need for denture adhesives

Smile, laugh and eat with confidence again


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