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Denture Success Stories

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Meet Denise, Changing Faces® dentures changed her life giving her a range of new foods to eat and confidence.

Meet David, he lacked confidence to eat, smile and speak properly. His uniquely crafted dentures have given him a new level of confidence.

Jackie’s life has changed after having implant-assisted dentures, she can now enjoy life and eat the foods she loves.

Maureen lost all her teeth 40 years ago and got by with badly fitting false teeth. Her new life-like dentures have given her a new life found confidence.

Watch Our Same Day Teeth Stories



A lifetime of dental neglect had left Linda afraid and ashamed! Thankfully, Same Day Teeth changed everything for her.


Shaun, lost all his confidence, hiding from social events and feeling much older than his years. After Same Day Teeth he got his life, confidence and smile back.



Michelle’s dentures made it impossible to enjoy eating out with friends…so she took control of her life with Same Day Teeth.